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Frames & Picture Care

Red Cherry Frames and Picture Care


Affordable Art for All

My aim is simply to offer unique framed prints at an affordable price.  

Often the cost of buying a designer print in a frame can be several times the cost of the print itself.  My feeling is that adding a frame to your print should only cost a bit extra, not a lot.

I searched high and low to source frames that would be affordable, without compromising on quality.  Our real-wood frames are manufactured in the UK by a family-run business with over 40 years' experience of providing frames to the art world.

Buying ready-framed prints means that you can hang your picture on the wall straight out of the box without the hassle of sourcing frames or the expense of framing services.

Material & Style

All our frames are made from real wood.

The Black and White frames are made from ayous wood, which is very lightweight.  They are coated with a smooth, matt satin paint veneer for a contemporary look which lends itself to any style of print.  These frames have a 2.2cm depth, which gives them a chunky, modern look.

The Oak frames are made from real solid oak, not veneered or 'oak effect'.  The Oak is untreated and its natural grain has a character of its own.  Oak is a classic choice for framing that suits both contemporary and traditional settings.  Please note that Oak is a natural material and as such there will be grain variations on each frame, which further enhance its character.

Not all frames are available for every print.  A print can look good in one type of frame but be less well suited to others, so I have chosen which frames I think complement the designs.  Consequently, some prints may be available in all three types of frame, but some prints may only be available in one or two types of frame.


Frames Dimensions Table Large


All our frames come with acrylic glazing (in other words plastic glass).  Acrylic glazing actually costs more to buy but has many benefits over natural glass:

  • it is 20% optically clearer than natural glass, and is less reflective

  • it is 50% lighter than glass, which makes it cheaper to post and easier to hang

  • it is unlikely to break in transit - many couriers won't accept natural glass as it is so easily prone to breakage

  • it won't shatter like glass, so it can be safely hung anywhere

  • it is the preferred choice of modern framers, galleries and museums

Acrylic glazing should only ever be cleaned with a dry soft cloth - cleaning chemicals or abrasive cleaners can scratch and damage the surface.


Each frame comes with a mount, which enhances the artwork and gives a larger overall picture size.  Your picture will come with either a Soft White or Snow White mount, depending on the print design chosen.  The mounts are acid-free to protect your picture from discolouration and are bevel cut for a neat finish.

Prints are attached to mounts with acid-free tape, to prevent discolouration.  If you choose to frame your own print is always advisable to use acid-free tape and mounts.  Normal sellotape/masking tape will turn yellow after a period of time and discolour your print.

Hanging Your Picture

All frames come with a hanging clip, called a crocodile clip (so called because it has a little row of teeth which holds the picture straight).  The clip is already fitted into the frame and because the frames are so lightweight (because of the acrylic glazing and lightweight wood), all that is required to safely hang the print is a simple nail/tack.

To preserve the life of any artwork it is always best to avoid hanging pictures on walls that are exposed to large amounts of sunlight, which will accelerate colour fade.

Do It Yourself Framing

Our prints come in standard 'A' sizes so it it will be easy for you to source frames from many high street retailers.  Ikea's Ribba range of frames come in various sizes and colours that will accommodate A4 and A3 prints and they represent excellent value and quality.

Our A3 Prints are rolled just before posting to minimise the time they spend rolled.  We recommend that they be unrolled asap on receipt and left to straighten for at least 24 hours before framing.  Don't be tempted to try and roll the print in the opposite direction to flatten it, you are likely to crease it if you do this.  It is best to unroll it, place it face down on a table between the sheets of tissue it is supplied in, and weigh it down with something flat and heavy (e.g. books or brochures).


For more useful information go to our Help & Information page

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