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Our prints come in standard A4 and A3 sizes so frames can be easily sourced from many high street and online retailers. Ikea's Ribba range of frames come in various sizes and colours that will accommodate A4 and A3 prints and represent good value and quality.

Our A3 Prints are rolled just before posting to minimise the time they spend rolled. We recommend that they be unrolled asap on receipt and left to straighten for at least 24 hours before framing. Please don't be tempted to try and roll the print in the opposite direction to flatten it as you are likely to crease it if you do this. It is best to unroll it, place it face down on a table between the sheets of tissue it is supplied in, and weigh it down with something flat and heavy (e.g. books or brochures).

It is always advisable to use acid-free tape when framing your print. Normal sellotape or masking tape will turn yellow after a period of time and discolour the print.

To preserve the life of any artwork it is always best to avoid hanging pictures on walls that are exposed to large amounts of sunlight, which will accelerate colour fade.


Red Cherry Prints is owned and operated by me, Justine Gray.

As someone who enjoys reading and listening to music, I’ve always loved words and what they can achieve when used in the right way. Combined with an interest in art and design, I naturally developed an interest in typography. Initially inspired by vintage signage and posters, I started noticing (and spending too much time looking at) typography in everyday use. I’ll spend more time looking at how a restaurant menu is laid out than ordering from it!

I started creating typographic designs for myself, then for family and friends, and eventually I set up this site in 2013. In my small studio in Sheffield, I create designs about things that interest or amuse me, and that might hopefully interest or amuse other like-minded people. Inspired by popular culture and vintage style, I like to capture and celebrate beloved aspects of our everyday lives - from childhood memories, to favourite interests, to quotes that inspire or amuse.

But, mainly, I just want my prints to make people smile and to evoke a memory, a feeling, a rush of nostalgia... or a chuckle.

Many thanks for visiting my site.


Many of our prints are popular with business premises such as bars, cafes, restaurants, etc.  Discounts can be arranged for bulk purchases.


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